A Perfect Example How Doctors Break Health Care

I bet my friends doctor charged him a full consult for writing a bad prescription! 
Healthcare is in crisis and everyone wants to make the profession victims, when in many cases, the profession is doing the victimization. A recent example happened close. A neighbor feels poorly, pukes up some yellow mucus and shows other flu-like symptoms. He has medical insurance which is cool, but what happens next ranks somewhere between negligence and a crime.

He calls his doctor to set up an appointment and instead the doctor ships hims a script via a local drug store for antibiotics. No testing of the flem, no touching on the forehead, no verifying the issue, just write a prescription for antibiotics. That is not modern, responsible, cost-effective medicine.

Not only is his doctor an idiot, I have to go along with my friend being at least of diminished capacity. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist or even a doctor to know that antibiotics don’t work on viruses and you can’t tell if the snot is viral or full of bacteria without testing it.

Yet doctors all over the country as well as hospitals do this and are rewarded for doing this by drug companies. Push pills, get paid, even if the pill is not the appropriate treatment. Okay, even if the doctor guesses over the phone, it is not the right way to do medicine unless your only concern is getting paid. Whatever happened to “do no harm”?

As long as doctors can charge you for talking on the phone and then get rewarded for prescribing an antibiotic placebo, we are going to be screwed by the health care industry till they can’t fix us with a pill.

Imagine that, the health care industry may be it’s own worst disease!