A Response To Those Liberals Who Have Been Silent On Lowes Versus Citizens That Are Muslim

When 99% of Citizens are not disgusted by Lowe’s, we are in trouble as a nation

The following is a response I wrote to a comment added to a post in “The Democrat Cafe”, a facebook group. Initially I wrote a post critical of how Lowe’s bent over for the Florida Family Association in regards to the “All American Muslim” show on TLC. I expected some of those who espouse Liberal ideology to be righteously offended by the bigotry of both the Florida Family Association and Lowe’s management. Instead there was silence and then a suggestion that Muslims are bad.

I was compelled to respond in a more direct manner…

Interesting written responses. James, I appreciate you haven’t been a vague in your opinion. “Vagueness” is one thing that many use to shield their true, core beliefs. Take Maggie’s response, “they have the right, but it might not be right”. So does that mean you support Lowe’s pulling their advertising just because the show is about Muslim Americans? Note this is a show that has been condemned by many just because the family is Muslim. Note that these are United States Citizens that have not committed any crime but participate in a show.

So far they don’t appear to be acting in a manner that suggests they support anything but being what you would expect of your patriotic, next door neighbor. One of the family’s head of household is actually a Deputy Chief Sheriff. If you met the others in Western dress, you might mistake them for people of non-Arab heritage.

James, at least you step up and suggest your concern and that is based on their religion and how that religion is “executed” in other countries. You put it directly in your response:

“- I would ask you if you and or myself could espouse our opinions if we lived under Muslim rule?”"

Well the short answer is if in Saudi Arabia, Iran and a few other countries, probably not. In a few other Muslim ruled and religiously dominated countries, other issues such as military dictatorships, might be more responsible for limited access to “Free Speech”.

I don’t live in those places. Furthermore, the United States has a Constitution that is several hundred years old that has attempted to guarantee our unique right to Free Speech and freedom to choose the religion we want. So the question is irrelevant. Quite frankly how Muslims live their lives in their countries IS NOT a primary concern of mine.

Do I agree with how Sharia based countries and feudal Arab societies manage themselves abroad, hell no. Do the few examples of how Muslim immigrants occasionally slide into Sharia to manage family issues concern me, sure. Those cases don’t compare in any way how Christian Citizens execute their idea of justice in family manners. Real world experiences in this country suggest that the massive majority of Muslims are neither a threat to our Constitution or communities. In fact the reverse is true; the massive majority of US Citizens that are Muslim are outstanding examples of people.

But they are Muslim and there is an underlying hatred of Muslims. Worse, most of this hatred is perpetrated by otherwise charitable Christian Citizens that in one breath say “poor beheaded witch” but in another say, damn Muslims, wish they would go back to their country…”

Their country is the United States and until they do something that violates our laws, they are accorded the same rights and respects of all other Christians, Jews, Whites, Mormons, Baptists, Pagans, socialists, women, Blacks, and whatever a Citizen chooses to be.

But these folks are guilty of being Muslims.

Sadder is that in this forum, one where Liberal dignity should prevail, there is a disgusting silence on this issue. At least that is the opinion of this Citizen who happens to be Black, not African-American (and not guilt of crimes of Africans like Rwanda just because I am Black.) It is disgusting that any Citizen would hold any other Citizen that is committed to serving this country and community and in many cases making the ultimate sacrifice, as a second class citizen.

We do not get to choose how other countries and religions decide to execute their idea of rights. What we do get to do is stand up straight for this country and face the challenges, not silently approve of them and then go on poking the Newt or Michelle in the face.

Finally, the Crusades didn’t work folks, but the energy of “die Muslim”, based principally in religion, is apparently alive and well. Defending anyone against racism, bigotry and class warfare are fundamental to our Democratic ideals. We cannot choose what to stand up to our lay out one group, especially a small group as guilty of anything because some terrorist extremist or government abroad acts in a fashion we consider barbaric.

The only way we change the world is raising our standard to what think is righteous. As long as we think that all Muslims are savages because of certain governments or groups, you might as well disenfranchise other groups. Let’s roll back to where indigenous peoples are savages with nice land, so they must die. Please send my great-great grandfather’s shackles before I again become a slave. Ladies, get those dresses down to your ankles and instead of voting, bow to your man. Jewish people, Irish people, and everyone else, convert or die. Oh, you of Hispanic heritage, STFU and get back to processing my food, cleaning my house and be glad you are doing it here rather than wherever you came from, even if that is New York.