Follow Up – Does the “new” Congress have Courage?

Sen Mitch McConnell and Rep John Boehner seem to be drinking something stronger than “lets get together tea”. While both are speaking on the Capitol Hill have embraced a “mandate” that repudiates Obama’s policies, they don’t seem to acknowledge any responsibility for the ten years prior to Obama’s election. Then again they don’t have to go back but two years to justify the last “voice” voters expressed. Both McConnell and Boehner were careful not to embrace the “mandate” as a pro-Republican, but focused on an anti-Democrat message. That message doesn’t take any

guts today. I suggest that if the ultimate mission is a stronger nation, we have to demand the new and old Congress as well as the existing administration to “man up” for the sake of our economy.

I agree that the brakes need to be put on government spending. I just want to see how both sides get together to deal with what I agree is the foundational issue, more jobs. Rep Boehner says we will have to “roll up our sleeves and create jobs” and of course spend fewer of our hard earned dollars as taxes. Now the election is over and I’d suggest it is time to give the wild dogs the rope they are asking for. The loudest message beside “cut spending”, “kill health care insurance reform” and “extend the tax cuts” has been “business is worried, sitting on the sidelines, waiting for the word on that tax cut extension”. I say extend the tax cuts, give the Red team no excuse between now and 2012 to grow the economy. It will either work or drive another nail in the coffin our economy is trying to climb out of. Again, no matter who moves to whatever the other side is calling “the middle”, it will take courage to stand for a real debate and change the way business has been done.

If the cure to create real energy in quality job growth is to lower the tax bar for business, lower it. Of course if it works, the current administration will look pretty incompetent. If business doesn’t jump on the spending band wagon in the US and create US jobs, the new Congress will look pretty incompetent. At this point, the deep reds and deep blues can’t both win which suggests no middle exists unless they all get a case of “purple” and not just for show. I fear that the real agenda of both sides is just to destroy the other side on the road to getting to the Presidency in 2012.

I also wonder that while pundits rave about a 23,000 more jobs last month and how the economy is growing, if the 15 to 25 million who are under or unemployed, or who have fallen off the official count, represent that voting voice of change will still count in a few months? It will take courage to remember how the policies of the previous administrations lead to the housing devaluation, existing foreclosure numbers and how those issues will continue to hog tie our economies ability to really grow. It will take courage to put everyone on the bus and not the back of that bus that is on the road to recovery.

Whatever happens in Washington D.C. it better involve some courage nationally and internationally. It will take courage to put forward a clear message on what a US on an austerity program is going to look like. It will take more courage to weather the anger that this country going on a budget diet will look like. It will take courage to build from the rubble that our economy is, but that has been blanketed by wild spending for the last 10 years. As we have seen, unlike how WW2 stimulated our economic engine, all that Iraq and Afghanistan has stimulated is borrowing from China and others. It will take courage to pull of the need to fund our national interests by borrowing from countries that seek to shape our future by holding the purse strings.

Every citizen will have to embrace courage because the reality is that there are still plenty of dark days ahead.

The bottom line is that going forward will take courage from everyone.