The Real Argument For Decriminalizing Marijuana…

Legal US Hemp Industry Is What Is Being Suppressed

In a recent check on a product status at Amazon, I came across a discussion in my sidebar about legalized “medical” marijuana in Michigan. Having fresh coffee at my side, I was on the topo edge of my caffeine motivation and could not resist. As usual, you don’t have to be my shade of purple, you just have to think for yourself. The bottom line is that open minds create solutions, whereas drones, followers, and those who repeat the arguments of those long passed, are never part of the solutions we need as a community.

re: Repost of a recent post in an Amazon.Com conversation…
We sit here and have a cold beer, shot of Jack Daniels, or smoke a cigarette while debating if “medical” marijuana should be legal? This is another discussion that big business and stupid government loves to use to cleave us into “them and us”, “red and blue”, “good and druggie”.

Forget the fake “med marijuana” scene and declassify marijuana at the federal level or make alcohol and tobacco equally subject to regulations. But that is still the wrong argument.

The policies that make marijuana legal for any use are the same, archaic policies from the “Refer Madness” days. It isn’t about drugs, but the use of public lands and forest. Paper, lumber, and other wood-use industries are stuck in their need to suck off the public’s trust, that is public lands, to grow and harvest lumber. In other words, the marijuana problem is really a “hemp” problem.

Include the tobacco companies in this fraud as well. I’d venture that those companies along with paper and lumber interests are stuck in an infrastructure rut.

In other words, if you made hemp marijuana completely legal, you would have to legalize hemp in the USA. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand the implications of a bringing hemp back as an industrial crop. Paper and lumber interests would be impacted IF they didn’t have their hemp grow/harvest tools in place to compete.

Hemp would also impact plastics, oil/fossil fuels, and food/agriculture interests. Although the tax implications would be favorable to federal, state, and local entities, the impact on these ancient businesses who plunder the public trust, would mean they’d have to invest shareholder funds to compete with a product that can be better than what they produce today. I’d imagine that hemp would not only stick a wrench in the paper, lumber, and fossil fuels industry, but it would bring new players into the food market and imagine this, be a driving force to a stronger economy.

The Feds resist the decriminalization of marijuana to keep hemp production out of the US, yet I can buy hemp products in the USA including protein powder, clothes, rope, paper, and more that is imported legally from Canada and other places.

My suggestion, while arguing for legal “medicinal” use, add your voice to the fight for decriminalizing hemp. The criminal status of hemp is patently ridiculous and damn near a crime.

By the way if you are going to argue against any aspect of marijuana use, raise your voice FOR the re-classification of alcohol and tobacco products as controlled substances. Sure that will piss off everyone from Jack Daniels to health care, but it would be the right thing to do to avoid being a hypocrite.

The opinions contained in this post are those of the original “Purple American”. Between the Red Nuts and the Blue Nuts hang Most of US!

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“First as a nation, we need to stop sucking up to the “spend to save the country” BS. If all we do is set a different example to the generations that follow, we will have accomplished something. Not long ago, saving, or putting resources “back” was a lesson learned by those who grew up before WW2. They all had money in banks, few had government subsidies and all did what it took to raise their families before the great depressions. That generation, (my grandparents), were a thrifty lot and for the most part, the last of the real “survivors”. They saved and then had their cake. [Read more...]

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