A Response To Those Liberals Who Have Been Silent On Lowes Versus Citizens That Are Muslim

When 99% of Citizens are not disgusted by Lowe’s, we are in trouble as a nation

The following is a response I wrote to a comment added to a post in “The Democrat Cafe”, a facebook group. Initially I wrote a post critical of how Lowe’s bent over for the Florida Family Association in regards to the “All American Muslim” show on TLC. I expected some of those who espouse Liberal ideology to be righteously offended by the bigotry of both the Florida Family Association and Lowe’s management. Instead there was silence and then a suggestion that Muslims are bad.
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The Great Con of 2012 – The Newt Joke On US!

The Republican 2012 Election Con – Are They Really Trying To Win?

Why would the Right position itself to look so wrong in Iowa?

Current polls of who is the favorite Republican Presidential candidate have Newt Gingrich on top. Granted the top spot among Republican Presidential candidates has changed five times already, but these recent polls suggest one of two things. Either the Republican base is insane, or the Republican leadership does not want anything to do with the Presidency in 2012. I suggest that the latter is most likely the Republican strategy. It would appear that the Republican leadership sees nothing to gain by winning the Presidency 2012. Instead I suggest that we are being subjected to the biggest election con ever perpetrated on the Citizens of the United States. [Read more...]

Follow Up – Does the “new” Congress have Courage?

Sen Mitch McConnell and Rep John Boehner seem to be drinking something stronger than “lets get together tea”. While both are speaking on the Capitol Hill have embraced a “mandate” that repudiates Obama’s policies, they don’t seem to acknowledge any responsibility for the ten years prior to Obama’s election. Then again they don’t have to go back but two years to justify the last “voice” voters expressed. Both McConnell and Boehner were careful not to embrace the “mandate” as a pro-Republican, but focused on an anti-Democrat message. That message doesn’t take any

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The Day After

If there was ever an indictment to suggest that the Purple Americans are a force to be reckoned with it was yesterday’s election. Although the rhetoric from all the pundits is still rings of the pre-election fear mongering, the results demand a smarter debate that reflects on more than the last six months. Hopefully after the election dust settles, the media pundits, the new mix of legislators and the Obama administration can actually stop selling us agenda with sound bites based on misinformation.

Listening to various shows giving their post-election summaries this morning I get the idea that the media is as disconnected from reality as is Washington D.C. It is clear that to get to the table as either a guest or pundit, for the most part, you have to be loudly on one side or the other. I am not suggesting that being loud is a bad thing just that being loud on any side is what Citizens just voted against. I will suggest that like the shows, most of the newly elected legislators have yet to get the message and that is one thing you can thank the cable news networks for showcasing. It is clear that if these shows served one purpose this morning it is to capture the lack of new spirit coming into the House and to a lesser extent into the Senate.
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