Mandatory National Service A Key To A Robust Recovery?

Citizens are the largest resource being wasted in the stagnant economy

Bringing all Citizens back on line as fast as possible should be a priority
Two things are banging around in my head, partially because of Hurricane Sandy, but mostly because of the economy. When I add those two up and a few others, the idea of national mandatory service makes common sense. I didn’t put the “military” in there because I’d hope that most “MNS” would be focused elsewhere in a world where all so-called “Superpowers” work together to prevent human on human violence. [Read more...]

The Great Con of 2012 – The Newt Joke On US!

The Republican 2012 Election Con – Are They Really Trying To Win?

Why would the Right position itself to look so wrong in Iowa?

Current polls of who is the favorite Republican Presidential candidate have Newt Gingrich on top. Granted the top spot among Republican Presidential candidates has changed five times already, but these recent polls suggest one of two things. Either the Republican base is insane, or the Republican leadership does not want anything to do with the Presidency in 2012. I suggest that the latter is most likely the Republican strategy. It would appear that the Republican leadership sees nothing to gain by winning the Presidency 2012. Instead I suggest that we are being subjected to the biggest election con ever perpetrated on the Citizens of the United States. [Read more...]

Who is the Purple American?

Until such a time I find my idea of “The Purple American
Time to whip out as I search for the ideal citizen for President in 2010. That person will not drink some kind of right wing tea or left wing kool aid. He or she will tell the truth and like I have been told, that is the only thing that will set us free.

I am tired of listening┬áto the Red clowns bash Obama on jobs when they know that there is no quick cure. I am tired of hearing Obama not step up to the truth because the truth is very ugly and will not help him in November. What I’d like to see is both sides work on solutions, even if they are painful as opposed to lie so that the status quo can be maintained or shifted to suit the next round of excessive spending, wasting and gifting of our taxes and resources. I have been told that I am optimistic. Maybe that person was being pc, nice or was humoring me because optimism maybe just be naivety. [Read more...]