About The Purple American

Who is The Purple American?

I am, we are not simply red or blue!

I, like you am a Citizen. I was born here, live here, and love here. I have not claimed any particular party for some time due to a complete lack of trust in either party’s vision, honesty or ability to carry out anything they say or do. Politics in the United States has become a game for the super rich, their lobbyists and close friends. Career politicians have taken over everything from the courts to the Congress which has blurred the lines between the three branches of government.

Like most Americans, I believe in a little of this and a little of that. There is no agenda that can define me (or you) as those who create agendas aspire to. I am neither Liberal or Conservative, Red or Blue. Those labels are far to simple and only serve to divide the nation. Even on our flag, red and blue combined, support a message of unity.

I believe in free enterprise, but I want my government to set standards for products and services. I eschew regulation, but corporations, CEOs and foreign entities need to know that there are consequences for abusing the trust of the people. I think corporations, especially those with no national allegiance, should have some fear of our government. We “hired” our government to create a thriving atmosphere for Citizens.

I believe in a higher power, but I don’t want the organizations that allegedly represent some version of those high powers to be a part of my government. Conversely I don’t think those organizations should get any exemption if they choose to engage in politics from the pulpit. I believe there are situations where abortion is a medical necessity and woman should be the primary part of that decision making process, not beholden to it. I don’t believe that abortion should be a convenient way to work around one’s behavior, especially if that allows minors to have the procedure without parental consent. It isn’t as if a minor can walk into a hospital and ask for a nose job without parental consent.

There are a lot of things that will cause some to say I am “Left” and others to say I am “Right”. Well you don’t have to be my shade of “purple”, just realize, fundamentally, if we all have similar dreams and goals, you are some shade of “purple”.

John “Wudman” Wood
Editor and Founder of The Purple American